Probonix Bundle - Women's Probiotic + Repair

  • $59.94

We have bundled together our Women's formula liquid probiotic with Repair for gut support - a powerful combination to repair leaky gut and promote a healthy probiotic balance in your body.

Our organic, non-GMO, Women's liquid probiotic uses an exclusive formula containing 12 of the most effective probiotic strains to help with urinary tract infections, yeast infections and gut health. For adults, just put 8 drops on your tongue or in your favorite unheated drink once a day.

Probonix Repair is designed to promote proper tissue growth and repair in the intestinal tract through a unique blend of antioxidants, amino acids, anti-inflammatory ingredients, probiotics, prebiotics and other key digestive enzymes. Take 1 capsule 2 times a day or as directed.

Description: 30-Day Supply of each

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